no green beans mom!

I swear each meal is getting to be a task. Don’t get me wrong. I love a challenge, but getting my kids on the same page as far as veggies and taste plus goodness, well its a big load of work!
Like most parents I am certain, we are doing all we can to influence our kids with greatness and we are helping them to make their own choices, even with food. Life is easy these days, but when it comes to food its a lot of convincing. The part about it that I enjoy, is having them try something. They make this face of OMG THAT HAS TO BE SO GROSS I CAN’T BELIEVE MOM IS MAKING ME EAT THAT, and then they tast it and they are shocked, in awe, totally surprised that it really is GOOD!!!! I love that moment. Everytime, it makes me happy! I feel like success and as if all the challenge is worth it.
Then the next meal time rolls around, and its a lot of convincing. When it comes to fruit, its really no big deal. We don’t have any sweets in the house unless I make them. We don’t consider fruit to be anything but an option for every meal and in between meals.

So what I learned differently than last month, I don’t ever want to force my kids to do anything, I make what they like how they can eat it and if they are stuck on the same vegetable I offer a new one and count my blessings if they eat it, I hope to expand their palates. I hope to, as they grow and as their taste buds grow. Shoving and forcing-not my way of loving my kids along their journey, if they don’t eat it then they don’t eat it. But if they do then I can check that off the list of veggies to try!
So enough said, this week I am making a double berry jam, some banana peach rum popcicles and hoping to let my imagination take me where it wants to go as far as making more than the usual foods in the kitchen!

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Current food affairs

This post is beyond long over due! My apologies.

In the last week I have been baking, cooking and really trying to be consistent with creating family dinners that are not boring and different from one night to the next, which I typically don’t have enough time for, but I do it anyway.
My time limits are defined by my 4mth old, when she wants to eat she eats, and I would not have it any other way because she is happy and healthy, and she is growing well and gaining weight=a happy mommy!
We have hit the teething months of her life, in full swing. I thank God everyday when I wake up in the morning and when I go to bed, for every single thing I can think of and all the love we are blessed with especially the individuals my everyday life surrounds.
In between feedings I made blueberry banana bread.
all purpose organic flour
agave nectar
brown sugar
baking soda
baking powder
coconut milk yogurt
coconut oil
everything we use is organic. Head to FB or Twitter to check out pics!

This bread is amazing, and the most moist bread. I love adding coconut milk yogurt to any bread!
Makes a world of difference.
Next bread I am making is good old pumpkin bread, but with a twist adding honey and homemade granola, next weeks project!
Even though life is very busy with 3 beautiful kiddos to take care of, I have such a passion for food and cooking, we all know from reading my blog I love baking.
Cooking lately, well always can get boring for us for anyone. We are limited in the ingredients we can use everyday due to the food allergy awareness. Self educated.
But lately when making eggs I am trying to switch it up a bit. I love a good egg white omlet, I love vegetarian refried beans. I love as many veggies as possible, we watch out for and limit lagumes of any kind. So that leaves lots of peppers, garlic, onions, greens, potatoes of all kinds, and root veggies too!
So much more I just cannot list it all.
So this week being that I am back to a high protein eating and weight lifting is important for me, I have a full life. 3 kids, and the most important of all my own physical tasks is breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is always the best for my kids. With FOOD ALLERGIES being a constant in our lives, Breastfeeding is very important. Our children cannot handle other powder milks, it just doesn’t work. I always keep an open mind, but we always end up waisting money and spending time trying a formula that ends up messing up my babes stomach. I prayed long and hard for breastfeeding to be nothing but a triumphant experience. It has been so far. THANK YOU GOD!!!
With my husband working evenings a lot, its a little difficult for me to not be stuck on the couch and having the kids eating leftovers or whatever food is okay for them to eat. I am working really hard to have my oldest eat more veggies, but its difficult. I wish he could mentally let go of the his past with food, but its a huge part of who he is for now, he is only 6 so he has a lot more making good history with food ahead of him. We recently discovered that one of his food joys-vegan chocolate is no longer acceptable for his tummy. He is old enough now to understand food and to tell us when something is not working. So I instead am creating new recipes that fit our family. One of my favorite is to make vegan caramel. No cream in it at all. Its simple, agave nectar, safflower oil or coconut oil, and a little tiny splash of rice milk or coconut milk. I can make it a sace or a salted caramel and he loves it.

Anyway, I hope to post much sooner, head to facebook or twitter for our pics!!
Sorry it took so long, but I know my readers understand, incorporating a busy work from home life along with the other duties I have to complete daily as a Mother, well I am so busy. Things will even out eventually, I am considering myself lucky to have a husband who loves to help and be apart of our journe, otherwise I would be pulling my hair out, & I do not look pretty like that!! lol

Product Alert & I am not talking Jam!

I grew up and struggled with Acne, and have well into my adulthood. Its not something I have enjoyed, in fact its been painful.
In the choice I made to live life naturally, organically. I found a product that truly works, and is correcting some of my poor decisions I made in my youth with tanning & eating. I have lived and learned and now know better.
Prior to my 3rd pregnancy I was searching for a skin care, hair care, life long product that I can use that will not only help me stop adult acne, but also help me with anti-aging. I struggled to be able to find both, until I came across Juice Beauty, which is wonderful in so many ways and incredibly affordable, which thanks to Juice Beauty my skin, my hair, and my pregnant tummy are happier!

The Green Apple skin firming body moisturizer, Green Apple Cleansing Gel, Nutrient Moisturizer, along with the PomSmooth shampoo and conditioner, these are my Juice Beauty Products I use on a daily basis, and love! My skin is at its best, and I not only get complimented on how my skin has improved, but my hair too. I just wanted to share them with all of you, spread the word, and if you spend $50 which is not hard to do and well worth it, you get free shipping which is always a plus!

Today I am making product in the kitchen, but nothing brand new, for the love of blueberries! I am making Blueberry Lemon Mint Jam, I have a few baskets that will be at our local Our Lady Of Lourdes Festival in Omaha, NE, & among my donations this is one of my companies most popular products so I am making that sometime today after I get my hair trimmed and take care of myself before this little person I am growing makes his or herself known to the physical world!!! Have a wonderful weeknd, stay safe and be aware of all the good you have in life!

Trying to stay ahead of the game

So far I have been able to stay on track, wedding order done and picked up, almost done with making all the jams and butters for the fall festival at OLL. Still in the process is a new jam, Strawberry Anise. To come for the upcoming Our Lady of Lourdes Festival is pumpkin butter, blueberry lemon mint jam, and the much loved Bacon Jam!!!
The only other projects left are home projects we would like to accomplish before the baby comes in a few weeks.

I hear people all the time say things like “I HAVE to go to work”, or “I can’t wait till I can do my dream job”. I truly thank God everyday for life in general, but for being able to “work” from home, to be able to make my product at a local church that I can rent the kitchen. So much in life personally to be thankful for as well, but I don’t feel like I am working when I am creating products, making new products, or even when I am on my feet for 12-15 hours to complete a Twisted Jam Fruit Co order. I love what I do. Love it!
But I would not be loving what I do had I not listened to what I was being guided to do, I don’t normally preach about listening to God to others, just because I feel anyones relationship with God is their own, its very personal and because of that fact I respect others may not feel the way I do or have the same point of view, its a huge part of life and respecting others. Had I not listened to God, and those who guide me I would not have found my husband, had any of our children, or relaxed enough to hear his words and feel his shove in the right direction. Believe me, not working out of my home was not even a possibility for us, we are like everyone. We have a mortgage, car payment, debt, and life to pay for everyday. Had I not been let go from my job I would not have really seen the situation for what it was, and taken that opportunity to grown my dreams. I also would not have found the strength to dig deep and realize my souls purpose in this world. I don’t expect anyone to get all this, but for me it was a huge wake up call, & I heard every word loud and clear!

Making Twisted Jam Fruit Co products is just a small part of living my dream and doing what I love to do, as well as being able to share it everyday.
Today I am so thankful for being able to enjoy what I do and to be able to do it happily!

Have a wonderful day, and head to facebook or @twistedjam3055 on Twitter for pictures!!!

Honey Pear Jam

Honey Pear Jam is so much more than just jam.
I have this theory. Every jam I create a product, its a product of what is going on in my life.
Honey & Pears cooking together with cinnamon, bourbon, lemon juice, organic sugar, and it takes me right to the fall and winter time of the year, which winter, I am not so crazy about. I do love the accompaniments of winter, but Fall is so beautiful!!! It deserves a lengthier time during every year.
No matter what I am doing while making a new product or a product I have created many times over, I interestingly enough with the joy that is life feel like my heart and soul is put into whatever I am making. I really do remember what has been going on during the day I am making any of my jams, every single one.
The first time I created Simply Strawberry, my daughter decided to take off walking in our house.
I made Double Berry on the day my son counted to 75, then sang his ABC’s and then proceeded to say “I love you” as a song like ABC’s, but it was so much better!
The day I created Sea Salted Pear I remember hearing my daughter cry during her nap time, and when I went to check on her our son was laying next to her, gave her the bink, and her blanket, he was 3 1/2 and he looked at me and said”shhh I got this mommy”.
Not always the happiest moments tho, the day I made cherry pie I fell down the stairs that morning, all I remember is taking my first step down and next I know I was hurt and crying and my butt was killing me.

So you see, my memory thankfully is really good at remembering moments and I don’t take them for granted, ever! Everyday, every moment, every memory, I owe to God, and I will thank God daily, or hourly for as long as I live. I am so blessed to be living my dream and much more!

Have a great evening all!
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Sunbutter Cookies-delicious!!! (head to facebook or twitter for pics).

I think my favorite thing to be able to do as a Mom and a person who loves to experiment with food/recipes is to be able to make anything I grew up with, but with organic and natural ingredients. Nothing makes me happier when I can make something that is similar to if not close to a recipe my Mom made for all of us-her kids, I love to pass down tradition, but mostly I love being able to share those memories with our kids and evolving them into our memories.


This time of year, the end of Summer is one of my favorite times. I absolutely love Autumn!! There is so much to love about Autumn. Cool Fall breeze on long walks, the leaves create this unbelieveable enhancement to nature and the essence of the season, hot tea, even a cup of coffee on a cool morning, windows open in the house. It definitely creates a romantic feel. My husband and I will celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary, and shortly after the birth of our 3rd child, and we  have several birthdays too, as well as pumpkins! Oh who doesn’t see the awesomeness in the season??? There are so many more things, especially food, breads and soups, and so much more that just make this season so memorable.

So today because I am not only looking forward to the end of one beautiful season and the beginning of another, I wanted to make some cookies that remind me of my Mom and that I knew my kids would love. Nothing like a delicious cookie to say hello to the new adventures this time of year brings, this week our oldest starts Kindegarten and its all day :( Honestly I am happy for him and I will miss him, he is the most fun little person and his sister and I just love every minute of every single day that we share together. I am not a hovering Mother, but I will say sounding encouraging and positive and happy to him about him being gone all day from us is a challenge for me. Masking my true feelings is hard, but well worth it, he deserves noting less from me. I know as much as I love him and want to be with him it is best for him to be at school and growing in a way that only he can do independently, with the help of the teacher and his school. Still, gonna miss him very much! I say this all the time, I had my kids on purpose, I love being with them, and I love the little individuals they are, letting go isn’t easy, but it pays off in a big way :)

Sunbutter Cookies

2 1/2 cups all purpose organic flour

1 cup sunbutter

1 cup melted coconut oil/ organic butter

1 tsp salt

1 tsp baking soda

1/4 cup creamed honey

2 eggs (free range organic)

1 tsp vanilla

1 cup brown sugar

1 cup sugar

bake at 325 for 8-10 min

all our products that we use are organic/all natural.

using small spoon to form rounds, this made 64 small cookies :)


peach pie is smelling up the house!

This weekend has been so awesome!!
My husband has had several wknds in a row where he has been home, and wouldn’t you know it he is scheduled next weekend to work, so we definitely have enjoyed having all to ourselves for two days in a row multiple weekends in a row and we realize how blessed we are everyday!

I am not sure what happened to me, but I love the pie crust recipe that I have been using, and love that it is easily one that I can substitute. No lying, if I am making a pie the kids most likely won’t eat then we use organic unsalted butter for sure in the pie recipe. Pie making is becoming a passion of mine, and its also a great way to use up some of the surplus amounts of jam I have, cause lets face it I sometimes make so so much jam that I have plenty left over, and I love being able to make different things with my jam, like sugar drop cookies, and pie of course, or breads. Whatever I am inspired to use it for I do.

Yesterday I had some left over pie crust in the freezer, so I took it out and made a berry pie, with my double berry jam, which is strawberries, blueberries, and agave nectar. I poured the jam in a bowl, a little bourbon, and thickened it with a little flour.
Today I made Peach Pie, bourbon, brown sugar, fresh organic peaches, cinnamon, nutmeg, organic sugar cane, molasses, and of course love.
I will post a picture to facebook and twitter so you all can see how the lovely peach pie turns out!!!